Lines to Verizon 4G LTE partners worldwide roaming 2014

BARCELONA, Spain - Verizon Wireless plans to have more international roaming partners aligned 4G LTE in 2014, CNET has learned.

The leaders of the mobile operator, which has the largest LTE network, are in town to discuss possible roaming agreements, according to a company representative. The first roaming partnerships will be announced in 2014. At least one company will be the first Canadian carrier wave, the representative said.

The move will allow Verizon customers to go abroad and benefit from wireless high-speed line. The company offers roaming voice and some data services in 220 countries through a combination of GSM and 3G CDMA.

While Verizon was among the first carriers to launch a 4G LTE network, operators around the world are beginning to catch up with their own deployments. Verizon priority is to align partnerships in Europe, the Americas and Asia, where customers tend to visit. Carriers first asked about a partnership when Verizon launched its network in December 2010, but the conversations were heated in the past year.

Beyond a roaming agreement, Verizon offers to provide support and advice to other carriers looking to deploy and maintain their 4G services. The airline plans to exhibit its innovation centers in Waltham, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, and discuss its various partnerships, such as NFL streaming service.

There are also some technical details to work before the roaming agreements between Verizon and international carriers can work. Not every carrier to deploy LTE on the same tape, so phones that are capable of operating on multiple bands will be issued before customers can take advantage of services. Companies like Qualcomm have been able to integrate multiple bands in a single chip.

Verizon may also have to rethink the pricing of its international data plans. Currently, a customer can enroll in a program that allows the user to download a value of 100 MB of data for $ 25 per month, with 100 additional MB costs $ 25 more each. But with the speed at which LTE works, consumers may find themselves quickly blowing through their allocation.

Verizon said it was too early to talk about possible price changes in international projects.
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