ZTE V98 is a metal supported by Windows 8 slate 10 inches (hands on)

BARCELONA, Spain - ZTE V98 was first announced in September last year, but he showed his face again at the Mobile World Congress. The V98 is a 10-inch tablet packing an Intel Atom processor and high-fat Windows 8. I went to take a closer look.

Design-wise, the V98 is pretty mundane. The front features a continuous sheet of glass, surrounded by machined aluminum edging. The metal continues around the back too. Full metal jacket gives the V98 feels more upscale, although aesthetically, it is unlikely to get your heart racing.

It feels pretty well put together, and the metal casing to help protect sensitive internal parts against wear of the screen and drag life. The only problem I found was that the flap snaps open to reveal the microSD card slot. It feels very fragile and easy to break and does not lie flat against the housing closed.

The 10 inch screen has a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. This is the minimum that I would expect to see on a screen of this size. Ideally, I'd like to see a little more to help get the most out of HD video, but if the tablet is not expensive enough, fewer pixels is probably forgivable. He seemed quite bright with decent color, even if I was viewing it under a bright light, so I'll leave my final verdict on the display of the full review.

The interior of the tablet is an Intel Atom Z2760 processor clocked at 1.7 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. These are some of the features of low-end again, I'm really hoping that she ZTE is a reduced price down. He works full-fat Windows 8, rather than the specific RT Windows tablet. Although it appears fundamentally the same, full of Windows 8 allows you to install the desktop software such as iTunes or ordinary Spotify, rather than relying solely on the meager selection of applications in Windows 8 Marketplace.Swiping around interface seemed pretty colorful Windows fast and responsive, with little lag when opening settings or switch to desktop mode. I have not been able to spend much time with the camera, but there seemed to be enough juice for most of the web browsing and streaming high definition video.

How it handles the most intense tasks like photo and video editing remains to be seen, but the specs are not really designed to handle the hardcore computer. If you're after a blackboard with real junk in the trunk, take a look at tablets like the Acer Iconia W700 - its Intel Core series chips leave the dive slate much more energy intensive tasks.

ZTE has not explicitly how the V98 will cost, but, given the specifications I would not expect a price increase of £ 400 maximum. This is due to go on sale later this year in China (ZTE Q3 told us), so I expect more price and general availability elsewhere when the time comes.
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