Microsoft Surface Pro all sales on Saturday

Surface with Pro set to go on sale Saturday, consumers will have a very difficult choice between two Microsoft tablets that seem remarkably similar.

When I walked into my local Microsoft Store in Los Angeles earlier this week - where Pro was already on the screen next to the RT model - it was difficult to say at the outset that the surface was who.

Not surprising, since the two tablets display the subway and there's even a simple difference of 4.2 mm thickness.

So, let's recap what distinguishes the Pro version without RT.

Price: Model RT with Microsoft Office from $ 499. Without Microsoft Office Pro starts at $ 899.

Compatibility: The RT model is not compatible with older Windows applications. The Pro.

Thickness / weight: The Pro is about 0.5 inches and two books, the RT about 0.35 inches and 1.5 pounds.

Disk space / storage tech: Pro is available in 64 GB and 128 GB, 32GB and 64GB RT. Note that the solid state of the road surface Pro is fast, the same class of SSD faster than you find in mainstream laptops. And there was a lot of confusion about this week's space on the disk Pro, forcing Microsoft to fix. The company originally said (in a statement sent to the media) that the Pro had only 23GB available to the user on the 64GB model and 83GB free on 128GB model. On Wednesday, Microsoft published an erratum somehow increasing the space of 30 GB and 90 GB, respectively. And if you get rid of the recovery partition, you can recover disk space even more.

Battery: The big difference here. While the Pro receives between 4 and 5 o'clock, RT receives about double.

Processor: Night and day, in this case too. Pro packs a powerful Intel Ivy Bridge chip, much slower RT Nvidia Tegra 3.

Display: The Pro has a killer 1920 x 1 080 display, a pedestrian 1366 x 768 resolution RT. Both are 10.6 inches.

In summary, the RT you get a tablet with the Pro you get a ultrabook pressed into a tablet. And this is not necessarily a bad thing.
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