Microsoft will launch tablet would surface in Japan

Microsoft Surface tablet may arise in Japan next month, according to a news service Nikkei, as reported by the Wall Street Journal MarketWatch.

Microsoft should sell the surface RT edition Japanese consumers. This version can run some desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer RT 10, but is also limited to Windows applications store.

The 32 GB tablet surface RT $ 499 U.S. This same model can sport a price tag in Japan around 50,000 yen (531 million).

The surface was paving his way in the world. RT version debuted last October in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and China. On 14 February, RT tablet is on sale in 13 countries in Europe, including Austria, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled Surface Pro, which manages all the flavor of Windows 8 and can manage existing desktop applications.

Microsoft has been silent about plans to offer the tablet RT nowhere else. A spokesman for the company sent CNET the following statement:

"The response from customers around the world on the surface was exciting and humbling to see. To meet customer demand and expectations of retailers, we adopt a phased approach to the availability of the surface. Regarding other markets, we have nothing to share at this time. "
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