Nokia CEO: We are not a me-too device-maker

BARCELONA, Spain - Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Sit down for a few moments, and one thing becomes immediately clear. Nokia is all about differentiation.

Since the beginning of the resurgence of the company two years ago when he remodeled as Windows phone manufacturer, Nokia has celebrated its difference, its European heritage, and even a level of weirdness.

Today Elop has reinforced the message again and again as he spoke to a small group of reporters at the Mobile World Congress here.

Nokia Lumia designs are special, Elop said, because they are fat. The imaging algorithms and springs PureView camera stabilizing factor is high differentiation, as well as wireless charging, a streaming service Nokia Music, and highly sensitive screen technology that records touch input made with your fingernail or a gloved hand.

At this rate, the element that is not a differentiation opportunity to Nokia? Yet this is not all pride. Nokia designs are thoughtful and colorful, the company has developed a wide range of software to enhance the experience and PureView 808 41 megapixel camera shock a year ago proves that camera technology Nokia has the potential to grow into new territory.

Of course, manufacturers of Android phones - especially Samsung and HTC - actively develop software and hardware innovations in audio, video, imaging, sharing and pen today, if Nokia n is not the only one.

What stands out, however, is the concentration of the CEO of his company bringing a unique position at the table. Fact that Nokia, Elop said, when he chose to become a house rather than yet another Windows Phone Apps provider.

Nokia is also willing to take calculated risks when it comes to tablets and mobile technology, Elop hinted.

"We want to build great mobile products," he said when asked about the plan to create a Nokia tablet. "Do we see applicability in tablets? Sure ... but we need to understand the use cases, differentiation and design.

Elop added that consumers and critics Mixed Response Early Windows 8 OS "makes us want to study it more closely."

Change speed mobile tech - such as watches and fitness instructors, the last used to clean Elop - CEO of Nokia and true light.
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