New HTC has not yet debuted and already has a clone

HTC flagship expected, HTC has dubbed the One, will not be officially revealed tomorrow, but it has already been cloned.

GizChina reports that one GooPhone is based on the HTC One (also known as code M7) and has been highlighted in the reports a few days before the event HTC media.

GooPhone is well known in China for producing remarkably similar knock-offs of popular smartphones and made ​​headlines last year when he threatened to sue Apple over the iPhone 5 design patents of the speed with which succeeds China.The GooPhone cloned material seems to become more impressive with each new version. Last fall, the iPad version of the Mini was revealed shortly after the small slate was announced by Apple, and this time it's pushed his version of a flagship phone in the ether before HTC also confirmed the existence of such a worthy clone device.

No specifications have been published for the GooPhone a while, but it looks like it will be a dual sim phone or web world. GizChina speculates it may come with 1GB of RAM and a quad-core processor.

No word yet on pricing for GooPhone or if the company is considering frivolous lawsuits against HTC..
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