Outcry in obstetrics and gynecology is using Facebook to complain about patients

Now that Facebook is not only in the social fabric, but is, in reality, we are used to it is the forum for indiscretions.

Normally, however, it is teachers are fun little about their students, or fugitives tease cops.

We rarely hear accountants display their customers are ugly, inefficient or numerically challenged.

And it certainly has not heard of obstetrics and gynecology complain that the patient is always late.

KMOV-TV as she reveals Dr. Amy Dunbar Mercy Hospital St. Louis lacked compassion for a patient whose consciousness of time would have rivaled that of singing, stomping diva.Dr. Dunbar offered on Facebook:

    So I have a patient who has chosen to be non-submission or late (sometimes hours) for all of its prenatal visits, ultrasounds and NSTS. It is now three hours late for his enthronement.

As his hopes sank and bile rose, she added a further incision "Can I delay the delivery?"

Regarding some worry, no doubt, she can.

However, when Mercy Moms To Be Facebook page put his hand on that comment, he slapped her bottom.

For example, this Heather Tiedemann:

    I just want to say that the lack of professionalism by Dr. Amy Dunbar is beyond words at this stage. It should not be allowed to work with patients if she speaks harshly about them on his own Facebook page. Although it does not name the patient on his page, it gives personal information about patients who could identify to whom she speaks. As often happens with these revelations Facebook, many business organizations are found not sure that their rules were broken.

Mercy Hospital issued a statement impassive: "Mercy values ​​the dignity and privacy of all our patients and we are sorry that this incident happened while our staff confidentiality confirmed that the comments of this doctor not constitute a violation of privacy laws,. they were inappropriate and inconsistent with our values ​​of respect and dignity. '

It seems that, as Dunbar did not reveal the name of the patient, no privacy has been violated.

However, at some point, people will be reconciled with the fact that the displays on Facebook does indeed reflect the reality of posters or Facebook will become that special place where people hide their true feelings, especially Work.

Yes, Facebook is going to be in the office.
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