Parents appalled that the school principal is sexy rapper YouTube

We all have an alter ego.

For some of us, it comes when the drinks are flowing and inhibitions took a vacation.

Emmaneul for Polanco, director of undergraduate school 80 in the Bronx, when he comes he makes rap videos and publish them online, hanging out with the ladies pleasing and parties as a good rapper should - at least if a report in the New York Daily News is to be believed.

According to the report, Polanco uses the name of El Siki, and music videos, he raps in Spanish on things like rappers rap about - you know, pressing against other bodies, he grew, and make the of love.

Subjects as, say, Elvis Presley addressed more than once.

El Siki is seen dancing in a sexy way. Seen in sexy poses with women in evening wear.

Of course, the minute, some parents discovered his nocturnal pleasures, shock and rage filled the air.As the Daily News he realizes that "model" wonderful sentence raised its functions.

"Someone has to keep this guy in charge," Cecilia Donovan, mother of a seventh grader, told the Daily News. "This is ridiculous what he's doing there."

It is indeed ridiculous.

We all, however, enjoy the activities and ridiculous at times.

Just as there are parents whose sassy night games with Radcliffes across the road may not be general approval, so there are principals who engage their rap trends.

This could also be relevant, is that nobody seems sure when he made videos or if he continues his career always rap. (I contacted Junior High School 80 to comment on the Daily News report and will update this post when I hear back.)

But the mere fact that these videos were found on YouTube (I still could not find when I searched, but the Daily News says he has obtained) was enough for the school to determine whether Polanco - who worked in public schools since 2003 - is a model of best Charles Barkley.

Or Gnarls Barkley.

Some might think that the most important factor may be the way he did as a principal.

A naive thinking that.
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