Pentagon grounds entire fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

The U.S. Department of Defense has suspended flight testing of the Joint Strike Fighter due to a crack in a turbine blade engine discovered during routine inspection, the Pentagon said this week.

The ground covers all three versions of the F-35 program involved $ 396 billion - 51 fighter planes which had hitherto played an active role in testing and training have been described by the Pentagon as "the most affordable bearable, mortal, and survivable aircraft ever to be used."

At 10 days, one of the three versions of the fighter, the F-35B, designed for the Marines, was allowed to resume testing after a monthlong suspension have to do with a fuel line failure.

To understand the specific cause of the current issue - the turbine blade cracks discovered on February 19 - the engine is returned to the manufacturer United Technologies unit Pratt & Whitney. The Pentagon has said it hopes to come back in the air as soon as
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