Get eight games indie bundle for $ 5

Cancel your date. Place the remote. And for heaven's sake, enough with the books already! It's time to play.

Multimedia Bundle newcomers discussion Bundle bundle game Magic Stars $ 5.07 Number independent. It includes eight tracks of Windows with a combined value of $ 109.88. You are literally paying 63 cents per game.

When you click on the bundle page, do not be surprised to see six games and two titles of "mystery." According to a representative of Focus Multimedia, these securities are due to release ... later today! And I names.

For now, you get the following, all available for download via Steam:

    Hand-drawn point-and-click adventure The Whispered World.
    Wild West action-strategy game Helldorado.
    Turn-based strategy wargame Storm: Frontline Nation.
    Point-and-click adventure Mata Hari.
    Physics-based action / adventure Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.
    Rube Goldberg Machine influenced by Crazy puzzle game: Elements.
    Mystery No. 1 Title: More puzzles Crazy Machines 2.
    Mystery Title # 2: Black murder mystery Alter Ego.

Even if you buy the bundle before the securities are officially unveiled the mystery, you will always get them.

As with some other bundles, it diverts a portion of its profits to a charity: Special Effect, a British organization that helps people with disabilities enjoy computer games. Alas, Focus Multimedia does not specify what percentage they receive.

I must admit that some of these games are not shining stars. For example, GameSpot gave The Whispered World a score of 5.5 (out of 10), praising his magnificent work, but hit its "dense, challenging logic puzzles." (Users gave it a 7.3 , though.) And they kindly let alone Helldorado, which scored a 4.5.

But Storm: Frontline Nation gained respectable 7.0, and you can not go wrong with a game Crazy Machines - they are always a blast.

In fact, if all you want are both crazy titles machines, they are already a bargain at five dollars. (. Normally, they will cost $ 20) Considering the remaining sauce - interesting sounding titles that you might not otherwise get to try.

Many Bonus: Speaking of games for a limited time, and while the latter codes, IGN is giving away Need for Speed: Most Wanted (iOS). Simply click on "Get my code", then take this code to the App Store and redeem it. Runner top-rated This normally sells for $ 4.99.

Bonus deal No. 2: Tablet on Wednesday? It may not be alliteration, but it goes: If you have an American Express card, you can buy a Kindle Fire HD for $ 149.99 (plus tax) when you "sync" your card with your Twitter account. This is normally $ 199. Basically, you have to tweet a hashtag particular, that gets you a link to the transaction page. Another option: Johnny Electronics Discount (via eBay) has the current generation Kindle Fire $ 149 delivered - a savings of $ 10.
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