Wozniak warns against Apple must remain "cool" - or

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a warning for Tim Cook and his officers: stay cool, or you will not.

Speaking to Bloomberg in an interview published today, Wozniak said that while Apple is still "really good to set a standard with a new device," it begins to lose its reputation as the coolest company in the sector technology.

"We used to have these ads:" I'm a Mac and I'm a PC ", and the Mac has always been a cool guy," Wozniak told Bloomberg. "And ouch, it hurts, because we lose so that." According to Bloomberg, Wozniak said that Apple products are more easily able to override competing devices from Amazon and Google, because these companies "are all great ideas." He added that Apple should at least consider opening iTunes for users of Android and Windows Phone.

Wozniak was surprisingly outspoken about Apple in recent months. In October, he called the company "arrogant" and lamented that he believed he was "the only one to have the right idea." In November, he said he was worried that Apple is "just used to start the newest iPhone and fall back a little. " He also took a swipe at the late Steve Jobs, saying that he had not "be both a robust real bastard, put people down and make them feel humiliated."

Despite the negative rhetoric, Wozniak told Bloomberg he hoped to launch the Apple iWatch rumor - a device, he said, he would certainly buy....
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