Post a Job Microsoft gives more information about Windows 'Blue'

If there is any doubt that the Windows client team is laser focused on the arrival of Windows 8 blue refresh a workstation Microsoft, it is even more simple.

A February 15 post for a software development engineer in test on Microsoft Careers site (which Charon of alerted me) mentions "Windows Blue." According to this publication, the team experience base Windows sustained engineering (WINSE) is involved in improvements to the home screen, the application lifecycle, windowing and customization. Blue Window "build and improve" these OS components, the display shows.

Here is an excerpt:

    We are seeking an excellent experienced SDET to join the team Basic experience in Windows Sustained Engineering (WINSE). The basic features are experience the centerpiece of the new Windows user interface, which is more than what customers see and touch in the operating system, including: the splash screen, cycle life application, windowing and customization. Windows Blue promises to build and improve these aspects of the operating system, improve the ease of use and overall user experience on devices and computers worldwide. '

Blue is the code name for the next wave of Windows operating system and updates related services from Microsoft, according to my contacts. There will be an update to Windows 8 Blue, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 8 and Windows services such as Hotmail and SkyDrive - which are expected to wash in roughly the same period, my sources have said. Last year, an informant told me was to provide Microsoft Windows Blue around late summer 2013.

Blue is not just a fancy new name for a service pack. With Blue, Microsoft is working to transition to a faster update.

On the Windows and Windows Phone fronts, Blue should include new features and even news programming interfaces designed to make different flavors of Windows closer from the point of view of the model app / model. That said, it is not only internal Windows will be updated with Blue. Job as above checks, the user interface and updates will be part of the experience of blue, too.

Microsoft officials declined to comment on the blue. We do not know that Microsoft will officially nominate blue once it is released, but it is likely to be positioned as a refreshment Windows 8, and not a new version of Windows (such as Windows 9) I keep hearing.

Incidentally, there are many references to "blue" on the Microsoft career site that has nothing to do with the blue wave comes / refresh "blue links", "blue screens" and " blue wavy lines "all appear. - And have nothing to do with the next refresh blue.
As he points out, there is also a reference to "Excel MX" employment in this position. Excel MX is likely a style that is not yet delivered, and fully touch-optimized Metro / Windows version of Excel Store - similar to OneNote and Lync MX MX versions of two of the Microsoft Office applications that are in the Windows Store now.
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