PC future threats to Apple? Yes, says analyst Citibank

Apple "limited innovation" in the form of tablets this year, he will be vulnerable to computer art - says an analyst at Citibank.

Yes, you read correctly, PC. While many analysts write research notes on Apple every week, it Citibank analyst Glen Yeung - sent earlier in the week - drew my attention.

     We believe that Apple will launch a Retina iPad Mini and iPad5 thin / lighter (both likely to sport the latest processors) in 3q13 ... iPad innovation of this nature is not enough to reverse the loss of the action.

     While we see limited innovation in tablet form to 2:13, we see more innovation in the PC. The increasing presence of touch, ultra fine all day, laptops improved price levels (for example, requires that all Intel Haswell based Ultrabooks to have touch-points and consider price as low as 599 $) could create competition for the 10 "tablets not fully anticipated by the market.

So, after getting their kicks by keisters iPad for the last three years, PC manufacturers can finally get some recovery.

Citibank, as groups of other analysts, is an anchor much success on PC predicted new models based on Intel Haswell stipulation and future Intel Haswell based ultrabooks must have touchscreens.

In other words, expect other models such as Microsoft Surface and Samsung Smart PC Pro Pro ATIV, but thinner and lighter with better battery life (though I suspect battery life will not approach that of the iPad). And do not forget, Apple does not touchscreens on its MacBooks. This is, of course, is reserved for the iOS devices, which have limited use full productivity devices (for example, I'm writing this on my laptop, not my iPad).

Thus, PC manufacturers will be better at combining a laptop with a tablet, eliminating the need for two devices? Yes. But if it happens in many need to ask a real threat to Apple remains to be seen.

Hey Microsoft, when is that Haswell based Surface Pro coming?
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