Google doodle removes asteroid before you can see

It is not easy to celebrate a day narrowly avoided a real success.

Google discovered yesterday. The company was very willing to offer another of his doodles for your enjoyment involving very weekend.

His nerd trend artists thought it might be fun to create a little something that cheered the fact that the asteroid 2012 DA14 was not hitting the Earth and creating chaos.

Unfortunately, a meteorite strike is inappropriate Earth and creating chaos.

This means that Google doodle suddenly seemed in bad taste.

He had, however, joined the firmament enough for the piercing eyes of the Search Engine Land spy.

The doodle was very simple. The second G "Google" came to life noticed a disturbance; jumped in shock, then jumped aside just in time to avoid the asteroid entering DA14 2012, which plunged into the hole left by the letter away. Then G with danger past, jumped up.

Google told ABC News: "Out of respect for those injured in the extraordinary meteor shower earlier today in Russia, we removed doodle today from the Google homepage." (ABC also reported that many Russian scientists believed the meteorite was not a fragment of Asteroid 2012 DA14 and the events were not related.)

The removal of the doodle does not mean it no longer exists. This is the Web. And this is Google. So you know it must be secreted somewhere.

In fact, you can find it on Google this page. (Sometimes the animation works, sometimes it does not.)

There is no algorithm that can predict these unfortunate coincidences.
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