Qualcomm: We will solve the problem of homelessness 4G this year

BARCELONA, Spain - The second half of this year will see the phones in stores that can run on 4G LTE networks in Europe and the United States, according to Roberto Di Pietro, vice president of Qualcomm Europe.

This has the potential to solve a major problem with 4G phones today - although you can normally get a data connection in another country when you travel, it is 3G 4G rather than as phones purchased in one country are generally not compatible with the 4G frequencies used in the country you are visiting.

Me speaking at Mobile World Congress, Pietro said the solution to this is Qualcomm's new RF360 product, something that the chip maker is hoping to sell to companies that make phones. As part of his argument around the RF360, Pietro pushed the message that Qualcomm is the solution to the so-called fragmentation LTE. "LTE is the first technology to be able to be present in all regions of the world," he said. "The problem is that the spectrum is completely different in different regions. Tape media is one of the major issues on which we work.

"Currently, there are about 40 different frequencies on which LTE is available. Notre chipset supports about 40 different bandwidths. This is a step forward for the LTE global roaming scenario where you can walk with one appliance in different regions. "

If the prediction of Pietro comes to pass, you will in theory be able to buy a phone in Europe and use it on a 4G network in the United States, but there is always an obstacle on the way - telephone networks . They still need to work on how the arrangements will work on 4G roaming between countries, so you probably will not be able to use your contract number and when traveling abroad if you want 4G. But buying a local SIM card 4G is a possibility.

Pietro also made some other predictions for 4G towards the end of the year it is available on models much cheaper and we will see phones with a theoretical throughput greater than 150Mbps.
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