Bookshelf speaker SVS Ultra provides clarity and bass

I had a good feeling about the speaker SVS Ultra Bookshelf even before I heard it. Firstly, the glossy black finish was perfect, and the stature of the beauty of 19 books leaves no doubt about the quality of the construction of the enclosure. It seemed solid.

I confessed several times on this blog my passion for great speakers, but if you do not have the space for a set of speakers turn bookshelf speakers themselves are the way to go. I said so named because the last place you want to put a set of bookshelf speakers is in a cabinet shelf. The sound is muddy and the stereo image is not at its best. Placement on a low, 24 - 36 inches tall library would be a little better, but for best bookshelf speakers sound should use with metal floor stands.The 14.9 inches by 8.5 inches by 10 inches high speaker has a 1-inch tweeter dome aluminum woofer and a 6.5-inch carbon fiber composite. At the rear there are two sets of high quality terminals for bi-wiring and bass port. My samples glossy black finish "is great, but if you prefer a more traditional look, the Ultra library is also available in black (actual) oak veneer.

Ultra library is much lower. SVS claims it down to 45 Hz, and this is the territory of deep bass subwoofer but not deep, so if you really need to feel the earthquake, or play movies or music very strong, you will not need to add a sub. I used the speakers without ultra shelf in April 1912 with a Denon receiver and was impressed by their sound, they have more bass than meager Aperion 4T tower speakers Intimate. Low side, it was the clarity of Bookshelfs Ultra "and the pressure balance that has made the greatest positive impression when I used them in a home theater with two channels. When are divided Bookshelfs Ultra 6 or 7 feet away, no sound bar also provide accurate stereo image. The sound quality of the music is also far ahead of what is possible for even the best sound bars today.

I wish I had a set of speakers GoldenEar Technology Aon 3 bookshelf ($ 500 each) on hand to compare, but if my memory is correct, this speaker has a more accurate imaging of acute and more spacious than the Bookshelfs Ultra.

SVS sells directly, bookshelf speakers Ultra run $ 499 (each) MSRP, delivery is free and there is a 45 days trial at home. You will get a credit of 100 percent on your purchase if you trade in a more expensive product SVS in the year of purchase Bookshelfs Ultra.
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