4K upscaling LG HD Ultra emissions from your mobile wireless (video)

BARCELONA, Spain - LG shows off a new system that turns your smartphone into a media center 4K.

The South Korean company is calling the new platform "first world wireless transmission technology Ultra HD." When you play a video game or on your mobile to HD, the new platform upscale power at a resolution of 4K, before spreading to wirelessly to another device.

In this situation, the second device is a LG 4K TV, acting as a single monitor to power the phone 4K was pumping out.At Mobile World Congress, I played with Epic Citadel, a tech demo graphically intensive which - in this case - was run on a smartphone LG Optimus G. The process of scaling power to 4K is a communication intensive and the phone felt very warm when we got him, but nevertheless the G Optimus quad-core processor was handling the task with ease . relating Games ran with a little chatter, but this technology is still far from being free, I'm ready to deny judgment for the moment. I was told that the property system would arise in the smartphone early next year, or maybe the end of 2013.

It seems that the tech companies want to control your home by turning your smartphone into a mobile multimedia center.

For me, the system shows the processing power of smartphones have become a few years ago. If G Optimus can handle it, I have no doubt that other emerging mobile in the next year or two will be able to.
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