Microsoft Office 365 is updated to professional users

At the end of January 2013, Microsoft launched its consumer-oriented version of Office 2013, known as the Home Premium Office 365. Today is the launch of the updated versions of its affairs hosted by Microsoft Office 365 offers.

Microsoft has added three new packages to its range Office 365 for enterprises: ProPlus Office 365, Office 365 and Office Premium Midsize 365 small businesses. These complement the existing small businesses and Office 365 offers business, including Microsoft updates with many new features and functions that was introduced last year for the on-site full product suite. (Microsoft has released to manufacturing Exchange Server 2013, SharePoint Server 2013 and Lync Server 2013, October 2012.)

What does "launch" really means in the context of Office 365? Here's what Microsoft officials told me:

    The three new references - Office 365 ProPlus, premium medium and small - are available for purchase for the first time from today. (A free trial is available via this link.)
    Brand customers can start buying new latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises that includes updated Microsoft Lync Online, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online Services
    Existing customers with the version of Office 365 includes Office can begin to use the last set of office applications (Office 2013)

Office 365 existing customers will continue to receive updated versions of Lync Online, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online "throughout the year" - apparently in November 2013 - has confirmed a spokesman. (Responsible for Microsoft said last year that some users to Office 365 companies got bit updated from last fall.) Microsoft provides users with existing heads of two weeks until the date on which Microsoft plans to make the transition to Office 365 days. Users can change the date assigned, if necessary.

Price offerings for new office, 365 is the same as what has been said that Microsoft would partner last year. Here is a slide from a platform the company has provided its partners describing the price. (The top row reflects the price of Office 365 services, the bottom line is the price for the equivalent site UGS).

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Microsoft is organizing a one-hour webcast today to share more about Office 365 trade references. Those interested need to register for the webcast (the first starting at 11 am ET / 8 am PT today).

Office 365 is Microsoft's competitor to Google Apps. This is a suite that includes Microsoft-hosted Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Via offers various offices 365, Microsoft allows users to install Office client applications on up to five Mac computers and / or local level. TechNet has more information about what is included in all new and existing plans, ranging from Small Business Office 365 to Office 365 E and K. Enterprise

Microsoft is not dislosing how Office 365 customers it has now. Customer numbers that Softies share in the launch of Office 365 today is that one in five corporate customers of Microsoft Office now has 365 paid services, against a seven a year ago . Officials also say that the number of small and medium enterprises using Office 365 has also increased by 150 percent over the last 12 months.

Google, for its part, claimed more than 5 million businesses use Google Apps.
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