Amazon launches Cloud Player app for iPad, iPad Mini

Amazon today launched its Cloud Player application for the Apple iPad and iPad Mini, expanding the footprint of the retail giant's online music streaming program.

The application enables customers to listen to music or download stored in the cloud from Amazon, play music already stored on the device, or create and manage playlists.A quick check shows CNET iPad users can also buy songs on Amazon via the Safari Web browser as they can on the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the past, users were able to access iOS applications from Amazon, but were not able to purchase items from Amazon. This is largely due to Apple rule designed to ensure he gets his cut of 30 percent on all sales generated applications.

We contacted Amazon for more details and will update the report when we hear back.

Get the reader that Cloud devices as possible is important for the strategy of Amazon. Although the company makes its own hardware, it makes more money from the sale of books, music, movies and other products and services. While iOS users can not buy applications directly from Amazon, you can access the content via Apple devices at least expands the potential user base of Amazon.

"Our goal is to make the solution more widely cloud clouds Player supports playback available, offering customers the opportunity to buy their music once and enjoy it everywhere," Steve Boom, senior vice president of digital music Amazon said in a press release.
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