Touch screen gives you a non-contact non-contact control (video)

BARCELONA, Spain - One of the most jaw-dropping tech demos on the show this year at Mobile World Congress, new touch screen technology to chipmaker STMicroelectronics allows you to control your smartphone or tablet without touching the screen.

By using it, you can drag, drag and products to your touchscreen device that replaces the fear of fingerprints with a sense of control the navigation system of a spaceship.

There is nothing special about the touch screen itself, but rather with the controller chip that handles the panel. Instead of monitoring contact with the screen, the smart electric field observed touchscreen tablet is releasing.

If your finger made its way into this electric field, the circuit is closed and your "touch" is registered. I was able to control the touch screen from as far back as nearly two inches.STMicroelectronics calls his fingertips chip tech, and I saw the system up and running on Nexus One 7 tablets. Because the touch screen is very sensitive, I also could record my prods and pushes with a pencil, even taking the pencil in a ski glove very thick. I was told that the high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio are critical to the proper functioning technique.

Technology is not fully matured yet, and it took me a while to get the hang of sliding from left to right in the applications to move through the screens. However, STMicroelectronics will try to convince manufacturers of smartphones like Apple or Samsung use their controller chips in smartphones to come, so you never know - we could see it hovering labor control from devices before too long.

What do you think of the touch screen without touching? Let me know in the comments, and do not forget to ogle over our coverage of the Mobile World Congress.
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