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Backblaze, a service offering online backup startup, has released its latest designs Pod storage, a storage server with low budget 180 TB of capacity.

It was something of a public relations when the company shared its first generation Storage Pod design back in 2009, but the 67-terabyte system proved useful for organizations including the Institute of Image Science at Vanderbilt University, which stores data for medical imaging, announces agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and Network and Geographic Information Alaska. Netflix was inspired to share its open design and Connect Hardware Appliance Backblaze also showed its storage Pod 2.0 design, which could accommodate 135TB of data. Now, storage Pod Design 3.0 is out, too. 450 uses Backblaze pods hold more than 50 petabytes of customer data, he said.

Pods third generation using 4TB drives - up to 45 of them - which increases the total capacity. Instead of being held in place by a band, they are now pressed by a panel anti-vibration also shaves an hour storage pod assembly and makes it easier to replace failed drives.

The new design is also passed to a Supermicro MBD-X9SCL-F motherboard, upgraded to a second generation, low-power Intel Core i3-2100 processor, better airflow to keep components cool. The total cost of the car - without discs - $ 1942.59 dropped to, $ 37.41 less than the storage Pod second generation.

"The real influencer in the total cost will be the hard disks. Lingering effects of the crisis in Thailand and drive consolidation in the recording industry have even the current price of hard disk are higher than they were when Pod 2.0 was introduced in July 2011, "said Backblaze.

The company was hurt by a shortage of hard drives in Thailand and, perhaps, by the consolidation of the industry slows down the pace of the normal price cuts. In fact, the cost per gigabyte is a bit higher for new readers 4TB for older models 3TB he was using. But lower energy costs, rack space and installation disks to 4TB say work to be the same cost.

Anyone interested in actually building the storage Pod 3.0 Backblaze can check the description for parts lists, assembly instructions and other details.
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