Yahoo launches new homepage with news feed "endless"

Yahoo delivered a new home page design for fans of press.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced the update on his company blog today, saying that the new design offers a "modern experience."

The focal point of the design is new. Users can go to the page and customize what is displayed according to their interests. They prefer sports or entertainment information, for example, they can choose to see only news that were related to these topics in the page feed.According Mayer, news wire the new homepage has "infinite scroll, allowing you to live a virtually endless supply of newspaper articles." Yahoo has also added social functionality that allows users to connect with their Facebook ID or Yahoo and see articles shared by your friends.

"The new experiment Yahoo works well on the go - we optimized for smartphones and tablets," wrote Mayer. "And, thanks to some under-the-hood improvements, Yahoo is also faster."

In addition to the new Yahoo still offers the search box at the top of the page for those who want to move elsewhere on the Web. Links from Yahoo services sit to the left of the page and a new sidebar called "Trends" tells people what is popular across the web this time. Yahoo users homepage can also modify their time and store the information.

Yahoo has been secretly testing new Web last year, but some people were able to see the improvements that the test has passed. In October, Yahoo has added some minor improvements to the homepage, but it seems that this was just the prelude to a major overhaul.
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