Skype launches beta video messaging

Have you ever wanted to leave a message for a friend who has Skype was not there? Skype video messaging new feature now in beta somehow, this is the way to interactive it.Available today for users in the United States, United Kingdom and some other countries (Skype is not to list them all,) send video mail recording to friends who may be offline or on another call.

Android, iOS and Mac users do not have to do anything to play with the position of pre-release, except to ensure they have updated latest software (capacity was hidden from view for weeks). If you use Skype on any of these three platforms, you'll be able to send a video message, and receive in your inbox.

Skype users on Windows can still receive video messages, but they appear as a link and not as a video clip.

Objective of opening the Skype feature before launch is to gather feedback to straighten the folds before the final version of the software (which will "soon").

Beta test user is always risky, because a bad experience may turn off prospective users before Skype can iron out the bumps, but I, for one, applaud crowdsourcing tests.

Stay tuned: We'll check shortly....
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