Microsoft refines passage Messenger for Skype

Microsoft goes ahead with its aggressive plans to move its Messenger users instant messaging service Skype.

Last year, officials said to expect Microsoft to retire Messenger in all the countries in the first quarter of 2013, with the exception of mainland China. The new schedule is a little longer, but not much.

Officials are saying they intend to stop Messenger for a "test group" comprising about one percent of the installed base of "tens of millions" on March 15. From April 8, Microsoft will begin phasing Messenger for the remaining users, starting with those of Anglo-Saxon countries, and ending with the Portuguese (for some reason). The whole "retirement" should be completed by April 30 or greater.

Phase is released for the desktop version of Messenger, said Parri Munsell, director of marketing for the integration of Skype. Munsell said the desktop version of Messenger is the "vast majority" of the database Messenger. Skype is not responsible for a calendar to know when Microsoft plans to retire Messenger on mobile platforms and / or multi-suppliers.

Microsoft urged users to switch to desktop Messenger Skype for several months through the pop-ups that appear when users log into Messenger. To move on proactive, users can connect to Skype using their Microsoft accounts, which are the same as their Messenger ID, and messenger contacts will be automatically added to Skype so that both Messenger and Skype contacts are merged. (Users can choose to see only their Messenger contacts by selecting "All" from the list of contacts, then "Messenger.") The Skype team has posted some how-to advice introduction to this topic. Here's more help on Messenger and Skype accounts fusion (aside:. Those who use Skype on Mac, Windows and RT customers 8/Windows Windows Phone 8 is already signed today with their Messenger / Microsoft IDs In case when you ask. Microsoft will update the WP8 Skype beta and / or transition to a final version, company officials are not saying. I asked.)

If you're like me and not so keen on the move Skype Messenger, you can continue to use Microsoft Messenger that you stop the service, somewhere between March 15 and April 30 or greater. Once that happens, you can not sign in to Messenger longer.

If you use a third party service through Messenger instant messaging - as Trillian, Digsby, Pidgin IM or + +, for example - you have a little more time respite was cut.

"Third API (application programming interfaces) will eventually be stopped," said Munsell. Each service has its own third schedule to do this, which says Munsell would announce them. Although it will not be as fast as Microsoft's own Messenger elimination, users should not expect to be supported by the Messenger services for the long term.

As to why I'm not so keen on this movement, it is not because I am afraid to use something different or new. While Munsell noted that Skype team is aware that there is a learning curve for those who are accustomed to Messenger who will move to Skype, I do not think it is anything substantial. Some of my contacts have already moved out Skype Messenger and the transition was not easy. They often do not receive instant messages I sent to everyone, despite Skype IM indicating that all is well. Some have found to manage multiple simultaneous conversations to be a chore compared to how it works with Messenger today.

Munsell said that Microsoft has not seen anything indicating that there will be widespread problems. "We see nothing on a scale of concern for us," he said when I asked.

Microsoft / Skype message is users gain new capabilities through Skype Messenger. Among them, Munsell said, is the ability to edit and delete posts, and the ability to seamlessly switch from IM to Skype audio / video.

I'm curious if other people have already moved out Messenger Skype hit all the obstacles - or found any new features worth writing home about. Readers?
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