Tesla CEO: NYT review cost us $ 100 million in value - Bloomberg

The New York Times / Tesla debacle may have cost the automaker $ 100 million in value, Tesla CEO told Bloomberg.

Elon Musk, speaking on Bloomberg TV, said: "many" people canceled orders for Tesla Model S following a scathing report from the New York Times. "We probably affected to the tune of tens of millions, around 100 million, so it is not trivial," Musk said. "I would say that refers more to the valuation of the company. It was not as if there were cancellations 1000 simply because of the article in the New York Times. There were probably a few hundred. "

However, we noticed that Musk Tesla sees more new reservations for the Model S each quarter, demand has continued to grow indicating the vehicle.

The New York Times reported earlier this month a review of the Tesla Model S, which criticized the car's functionality. Among the many complaints was that the vehicle ran out of juice sooner than expected, stranding writings of John Broder time East Coast freezing. Before leaving his journey, Broder said he supports the car until "full charge", and then working to save battery while driving, he said he turned off the heat in the car and led the cruise control at 54 mph.

Tesla account Broder challenged the test drive and published papers, which she has denied the New York Times. Publication and the company has since kept a bad back at the examination, with each claiming the other is wrong.

"The thing I really thought was wrong is that we focus on test data and it does not correspond at all to the article that was written," Musk said on Bloomberg TV. "The result was that the car ran out of reach. Suddenly there was this sad our car on a tray, as if it was the only possible outcome for such a disk and that is not true."

Here is the full video, via Bloomberg TV:
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