Tesla newspapers reported on the review of disputed car NYT

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, made his promise to release the papers related to the review by the New York Times questioned "his model S.

In the review, published Sunday Times John Broder criticized the Model S range of issues and problems in low temperature environments. Founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has not lost time trying to discredit the review, saying that Broder account of what happened, this is not true.

Here is a brief list of questions from Musk newspapers:

    Broder despite saying he called a flatbed truck after Model S battery ran out of energy, the logs show that he did not actually run out of energy, depending musk.
    Broder musk charged with a "clear violation of common sense" when he disconnected the charger cable Tesla when its range was 32 miles and the return trip was 61 miles.
    Newspapers, Musk said, show that Broder never set his cruise control at 54 mph to conserve energy, as he suggests, and instead was driving at speeds between 65 mph and 81 mph.
    Because cabin temperature can affect energy consumption, Broder said he reduced. However, Musk says that the temperature has been set up from 72 degrees to 74 degrees.

"When the facts do not suit his opinion, he simply changed the facts," said Musk Broder. "Our request of The New York Times is simple and fair:. Please investigate this product and to determine the truth "According to Musk, years ago the company had some problems with a review of the TV show Top Gear. This experience, in which the issue "claimed that the car ran out of energy and had to be pushed back to the garage," urged to closely monitor the media.

"While the vast majority of journalists are honest, some believe that the facts should not get in the way of a salacious story," Musk wrote in a blog post yesterday, justifying the use of its technology company monitoring in cars asked to comment to the media.

Broder has not publicly responded to recent accusations of musk, but it does share his two cents in a column on Tuesday to answer some of the claims of musk published on Twitter (and also in the last post). He began his defense bluntly: "My Account [test] was not wrong."

The Times writer, went on to say that, although some recommendations Tesla were not followed, including the fact that it "should be plugged into the car overnight in Connecticut, especially considering the temperature cold, "he tried to frame her study around" practical "and" normal. "

"Now that Tesla strives to be an automotive mass market, it is not realistic to expect all buyers 20,000 per year (the goal of the Model S body) to be onboard electrical acolytes that plug into Walmart at every stop, "Broder argued.

Given the back-and-forth that has already taken place around this review, Broder wait to meet the demands of musk.
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