The LG Optimus series sales top 15 million units

The LG Optimus series, which debuted at Mobile World Congress last year, is selling at a rate of one per second, the wrong phone manufacturer revealed today.

According to LG, it has sold 15 million units since last February The Optimus. The company has released new wrong and planned to announce today the countdown Sunday.

LG has made a strong push for the smartphone market with an increasing number of phones Optimus. The series of the company, which represents the mid-range of its line, has strengthened its position in the Android Market. However, LG is remotely a competitor to Apple and Samsung, the dominant forces in the mobile space.However, given the success of The Optimus, it is not surprising that LG announced earlier this week the second generation series will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress this year to be held later this month in Barcelona. Series update include the successors LG L7, L5, L3 and combined.

So far, LG has announced the global availability through its series L. The company, however, is expected to announce its intention to launch its products in the United States
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