THE Microsoft Store not attacked, but the surface has a sequel

LOS ANGELES - The launch of the surface in the Pro shop Microsoft Century City Los Angeles was a relatively quiet affair compared to the beginning of the RT surface.

When I arrived just after 10 am there was a small line (see photo). That said, both 64GB and 128GB versions - from - Pro area was sold immediately.

Of course, nobody would how many units have been set aside for the first day of sales, and the lines are not exactly snake around Westfield Century City. So it was not like a race Depression on a bank.

And in October the lines are longer and the atmosphere a little frenzied RT when space started. But as RT deployment, there was a fixation on and interest in the product is not unlike what is an Apple event. I've seen more than a few customers glued to the unit for 30 minutes or an hour.

In other words, the surface has a sequel. An analogy I would use is the Chevrolet Volt. Recently in Los Angeles, the Chevy Volt is gaining ground, with a customer base (and devout) small but growing.

Microsoft Store sales representatives and know what they are talking about. A patient, focused representative gave me a long explanation of the hands of the touch interface Windows 8 and shows a touch painting application, among other applications.

Finally, note that there are other attractive touchscreen Windows 8 devices at the store, including the Acer Aspire S7 2.3 pounds and HP TouchSmart Spectrum XT. And that's a good thing for Windows 8 as a whole ....
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