Three-deal Thursday: Pogoplug, Klipsch headphones, and applications

Happy Valentine's Day, cheeps! Hoping you have a day filled with love, chocolate, and, of course, offers.

It's true: prices, plural. I could not settle on one today, so I gathered three (well, five, technically) to make your day a little sweeter.

1. Pogoplug Mobile

The Pogoplug Mobile is a small box that plugs into your router and streams your media libraries on your Android or iOS device.

Pogoplug typical, right? The Mobile adds a key element to the mix: it can automatically save photos and videos taken with your phone or tablet. (Here's my original write on the Pogoplug mobile if you want to know more.)

It was first priced at $ 79.99 but for a limited time, (formerly - about a name change for the worse) is Pogoplug Mobile for $ 17.99 shipped . This is the lowest price I've seen on this handy gadget. (Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent this in)

2. Klipsch Image headphones E1

Klipsch has an excellent reputation for producing some of the best audio equipment on the planet - but it's usually pretty expensive stuff.

Today only, and while supplies last, Woot has the Klipsch Image E1 noise-isolating earphones for $ 14.99 plus $ 5 for shipping. These sell elsewhere (like at Newegg) for about $ 45. Sellout risk: huge.

If you have never used the ear buds like these, they may feel a little awkward at first. You really have to look there to create this soundproof seal. And once you do, every movement of the rope (to say nothing of the jaw, if you eat) will produce unwanted noise.
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