Turnover totaled AOL for the first time in eight years

AOL pulled them only 4 percent sales gain in the fourth quarter, but it was the first sign of revenue growth over the past eight years.

For the last quarter of 2012, the company had revenues of $ 599 million from $ 576 million in the quarter a year ago and above analyst estimates of $ 573 million, according to the assigned Reuters.AOL gain increased sales of its global advertising, which grew 13 percent a year ago. Advertising revenues party networks jumped 31 percent, while research income grew by 17 percent.

On the negative side, subscription sales fell 10 percent, while the average monthly churn rate was 1.8 percent. But these figures proved better than the lower 18 percent and 2.2 percent churn seen in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Income declined slightly in 2012, falling to $ 2.19 billion against $ 2.2 billion last year. But CEO Tim Armstrong touted the company's annual performance. AOL also expects to see its sales increase for 2013 as a whole.

"AOL renewed growth and generated significant value for shareholders in 2012," Armstrong said in a statement. "AOL has a strong momentum into 2013 and is set to continue on our path of growth through the execution of our strategy to build the next generation of media and technology."
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