Wikimedia Internet Brands settle lawsuits Wikivoyage

The Wikimedia Foundation and Internet Brands agreed to settle all disputes between the two on-site travel information Wikivoyage recently launched.

Wikivoyage travel assistance is free download and user-generated news site that anyone can edit. However, much of the content has been copied from Wikitravel under the Creative Commons license.

After Internet Brands Wikitravel bought in 2006, many volunteers on the project not previously profit grew disillusioned and left, taking a lot of content on the site with them. In response, Internet Brands has filed a lawsuit against two last August Wikivoyage volunteers on the project, alleging infringement of copyright not, but rather to encourage other volunteers to fork - the practice of taking open code source of a project and start independent development. Wikimedia complained the next month to protect volunteers and strengthen the legality of the bifurcation.

"We see this agreement as a victory for the movement Wikimedia, and a justification of our values ​​and beliefs," General Counsel Geoff Brigham Wikimedia wrote on Friday Wikimedia blog post. "The Wikimedia Foundation believes there is enough room for several travel sites to co-exist, and for community members to contribute to several sites in this area. We defended this belief from the beginning, and we believe that success, freely shareable, non-commercial travel plans will help support the quantity and quality of travel information on the web. '

CNET has contacted Internet Brands for comment and will update this report when we learn more.

The settlement comes a month after the official launch of Wikivoyage, which provides users with information on destinations and recommendations for restaurants, hotels, clubs, and more. The content is filled with open source wiki tool that allows users to create, update and edit any article on the site.
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