Zillow offers new application searches renovation ideas, advice

Online aggregator Zillow real estate ads today launched an application designed to help buyers and home buyers with their home improvement projects.

Available for the iPad and web searches Zillow is a free application designed to provide inspiration and information on home improvement projects. The free application allows users to browse thousands of pictures of bathroom, kitchen and outdoor projects, as well as to obtain estimates of the actual cost of the project based on the location of the user.

Like Houzz, an online community in which improvement has launched a design, decoration and renovation application in 2010, Excavations allows users to create, save and share advice Pinterest-like containing their ideas and interact with other users who may have similar ideas. The app also offers connections to local industry professionals, such as architects, contractors and designers. "Tens of millions of home buyers shop houses on Zillow each month, and home improvement is a natural step for us in consumer empowerment and transparency of information to help people make smarter decisions, "Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff said in a statement. This "first of its kind remodeling cost estimate algorithm was created by Zillow industry-leading team of economists and data analysts who produce important housing data and research.

Founded in 2004 and launched as a website in 2006, Zillow has a turnover of databases and rental homes in the United States more than 110 million euros. The company's revenue comes from subscription fees real estate professionals and advertising.

In 2008, the company launched the mortgage market, which provides estimates of potential borrowers and lenders anonymously get leads for free.
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