Microsoft Surface Pro over the competition

By some standards, the Microsoft Surface Pro is the best ever hybrid tablet and laptop, combining a full windows 8 OS with an Intel Core i5, and a cover best-in-class detachable keyboard.

But, more than $ 1,100 if you include a 128GB SSD and keyboard, it is also very expensive, especially if a thin Windows 8 ultrabook touchscreen, Atom tablet, or something non-Windows might work for your needs .

What follows is a brief overview of the main alternatives to the Pro surface, base tablets to other i5 128 GB Apple iPad again. The closest competitors of the surface are tablets and hybrids Pro with Intel Core i5 - essentially all the features ultrabooks hurry down to the tablet. Acer Iconia W700 was the case, and includes a space-age looking dock, like new Samsung Smart PC Pro 700T.

Strengths: Mainstream Power and Performance

Weaknesses: high prices, short battery life
Trading on the Core i5 Intel Atom processor gives you autonomy significantly improved (more than 10 hours in some cases), but performance drops significantly. Atom tablets prices and hybrids are lower, but probably not low enough considering the difference between an Atom and a system with a Core i5 processor. Other examples include the current W510 Acer, Dell Latitude 10, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2. Prices generally between $ 500 and $ 800, with keyboards and docks included in the upper end of this range.

Strengths: Excellent battery life, low price

Weaknesses: Low yield only a handful of RT Windows were announced, let alone released, with the main one being the Microsoft Surface brand RT. It has a similar name and is very similar to the Pro surface, which can lead to consumer confusion.

Strengths: Includes Office software, good battery life

Weaknesses: sluggish performance, the selection limited application can not work off-the-shelf Windows software
Maybe you do not need Windows at all. If your tablet is best for video streaming, casual games, e-book reading tasks and other consumption, one of the biggest race of the current screen, high capacity tablet may be right for you. Recent update on the Apple iPad 128GB of storage, puts it in the same category as most ultrabooks when it comes to capacity. But the prices inflated can make a product more attractive Windows 8. For much less, you can try a 10-inch tablet running Android, such as the new Google Nexus 10, but its SSD options are limited.

Strengths: Easy to use, inexpensive tons of applications and media services

Weaknesses: Not considered by most productivity tools, app store limited to software

Microsoft Surface is pro the ultimate tablet? Or would you be better served (and save money) with one of the alternatives above? Let us know in the comments section below.
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