10 BlackBerry users, here is the updated software first

10 BlackBerry users are already treated their first update of the new operating system.

BlackBerry handset maker announced today that its update, which will be delivered over the air, improves the performance of third-party applications, ensuring that they run a little faster and smoother. In addition, the update fixes some problems that users find calendar with support and import contacts from Gmail sources.BlackBerry Online launches its new operating system at the end of January, thus introducing the touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone Z10 and Q10 keyboard equipped. The Z10 is so far available in the United Kingdom, Canada and India, and should be arriving in the United States later this month. BlackBerry 10 is a significant step forward for the company formerly known as RIM, as it tries to hang tough against the giants iOS and Android.

Apart from the updates above, a new BlackBerry 10 comes with features best camera in low light situations and enhanced handling video playback in the browser. The update also includes enhancements to battery life.

The BlackBerry 10 update is being deployed now. The download is about 150 MB in size. BlackBerry says it will be available to all partners operators "in the coming weeks."
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