Samsung Google CFO denies conflict

Google CFO Patrick Pichette has downplayed reports that his company's relationship with Samsung became tense and noted that "journalists like headlines that sell newspapers."

Pichette was referring to a report by the Wall Street Journal this week noting Google was concerned about the dominance of Samsung.

Speaking at an investment conference Morgan Stanley, Pichette responded:

    We have a fantastic relationship with Samsung. They had great success with the Android platform. They have received, along with the rest of the ecosystem. We welcome all the partners that we have on our Android platform and continue to innovate. And what is our aim and our goal is to ensure that the greatest number of ecosystem partners continue to benefit from these open source platforms.

    I think Samsung and we have benefited not only the Android side, but also on the side Chrome. The Chromebook is a huge success, it is a huge success for Google, this is a huge success for Samsung. And yes, this is not to love about these types of environments. I think that journalists love headlines that sell.

Material was a recurring theme for Pichette, boasting Chromebooks and Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Pichette said that the agreement Motorola needs more time.

    You invest for the long term, but we inherited 18 months of driving we actually drain right now and while we are building the next wave of innovation and product lines. And so far as we have said many times in the past, we have to go through this transition. It is not - it is not easy transitions. We are very optimistic, we are very supportive and we have a kind of big plans for Motorola. But for the venue - for the quarters you've seen the ads of restructuring and rationalization of product lines, which has kind of continue in the coming quarters as we do actually quite crossover.

    So there is a little really kind of hard work to complete at Motorola before seeing tangible signs. But we also very optimistic because since the first day we started working on the next agenda and we see what kind of pipeline arise.

Regarding the operating system Chrome, Pichette talked about this too. He said:

    There is a better mousetrap and it was invented and it is called Chrome OS. If you are in business today advantages of Chrome OS and Chrome infrastructure is to have the equivalent of a desktop computer is a sixth of the price of a traditional response.

    And if you're a type 350 or 400 or 500 people in society, it is millions of dollars that you can reinvest in your business, because - in the development of your product or service your product rather than just be sitting on your desk right hardware and software to run your business.

    Not only that, but Chrome OS is actually extremely secure. Chrome platform has been proven, you've seen those tests where we pirate these weeks where we try to ensure that people entering the system. And if you are a business, for real - security is like oxygen to a business if you think your data. You take for granted until you have a violation, and like everything kind of stops.

    The Chromebook was launched last fall has been a tremendous success, absolute runaway success. We could not keep up with demand. And during the holidays and it was a wonderful kind of testimony that people want ease of use - Beautiful, simple - it is a minimum standard they expect, but for the right price they like Product.

Make the account and the overall message was clear Pichette. Google is serious about integrating hardware and merging its services, even if its efforts are still largely a work in progress.
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