Facebook advertises Ad some categories

Never gain new ways for advertisers to engage with users, Facebook has begun deploying a new feature which is now down on the use of social network ad targeting.
Nicknamed "categories of partners", a new feature of Facebook is to target ads to other categories of people. These categories using data from third parties, such as Acxiom, Datalogix and Epsilon to glean information on users' buy on the Web.
Facebook swear that no personal information is shared with the social network, third parties or advertisers. He says companies have used this type of targeting out of Facebook for years and that "categories of partners work the same way all the work focused on Facebook."
Last month, the social network began testing functionality risky advertising that enable advertisers and agencies use Facebook Exchange (FBX) to serve ads on retargeting News RSS users. These retargeting ads reflect the browsing habits of people outside of Facebook, as captured by cookies, in order to deliver messages about products they have already expressed interest in.
While the FBX News RSS is ideal for advertisers and great for Facebook, especially as it is under pressure to increase revenue, it is a risky maneuver that could remind users that they are always monitored. Retargeting ads consumers have been around for years, but it is the first RSS news property that could throw some users off.
It is not known if the ads using categories of partners will also be posted in News RSS users. Until now, Facebook says that the categories of partners already more than 500 special groups such as car buyers, grain buyers, and buyers of frozen products.
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