How to install BlackBerry Z10

Before you begin creating your brand new BlackBerry Z10, make sure you have a few minutes to spare and fast Wi-Fi. A part of the installation process of BlackBerry 10 is to ensure that your new device works with the latest version of the new operating system.
The first time I ran through the installation process on my Z10, the update is several hundred megabytes, with the latest update (as seen in the video) for s' establish only 2 MB. Of course, your experience will probably vary depending on your location and wireless services.
If you do not already have a BlackBerry ID and you want to get ahead of the process set in place before hand on one of the new features, you can sign up for a BlackBerry ID here. It is similar to an Apple ID in that is what you will use BlackBerry World, track down a lost BlackBerry Protect, and keep track of your BBM contact device.
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Z10 already have a BlackBerry? What are your thoughts on the new platform? Or are you waiting for keyboard BlackBerry traditional Q10? Let us know in the comments below.
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