C-Fit, phone mount with style

The suction cup at the base of the Tack Form C-Fit is made of sticky material, semi-adhesive that sticks to most solid surfaces on its own. This rigidity associated with depression generated by locking the plunger C-Fit up with a lever, resulting in a remarkably tenacious grip on any surface I mounted. This strong grip is a boon to keep a secure and stable smartphone while driving, but it can also be a little difficult (but not impossible) to remove between trips. In addition, the sticky material tends to pick up lint and dust when stored or transported without a lid, so that the C-Fit is probably best left semi-permanently in place in your vehicle between trips rather than repeatedly placed and removed as a conventional suction cup attachment is. If the handle gets dirty and loses its rigidity, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. When Cup dry, it will be sticky again.

The tack of the cup C-Fit means it can be attached to the leather, faux leather, wood, rubber and strangely "soft touch" material dashboard. I especially appreciate the ability to dash mounting, because it allows me to mount the phone down and close the radio controls, where it can be easily accessible to the destination entry or change songs while wi
ndshield remains unobstructed.

The mounting arm of the C-Fit has a bright wide plastic cover, which is available in red or black. In addition to being a fingerprint magnet, coverage, it is difficult to get the cup when it is time to remove the C-Fit support any surface you nailed. I much prefer the almost identical Bracketron Grip Mi-T (using the same gripper and suction sticky, but with a simple mounting arm short). When cast in the red, the C-Fit is catchy. However, I am not a fan of leaving catching objects in view, which could be a problem for cars parked in areas with high-flying, so I prefer the colors in black.
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