Microsoft Outlook run on Windows RT.

A new rumor holds today that Microsoft Outlook is coming to Windows RT.
The e-mail popular conspicuous by its absence on Windows RT devices. That is, RT devices - which run a limited version of Windows 8 on ARM platform chips - come with Microsoft Office without Outlook.
Today, it is the word that Outlook was seen running on the tablet area RT.
And that's not all. Super Site for Windows says a matter of firmware related ARM caused Outlook to hang. Possibly offering at least one reason
for exclusion so far.
Adding Outlook certainly would not hurt, said Craig Stice, an analyst at IHS iSuppli. "Consumers can find this frustrating. They think they are getting a Windows 8 system, but there are no prospects, "he said.
And this is a larger problem for current RT. "They do not know what they are getting into when they buy in an RT device," he said. Consumers buy an RT device because it is cheaper than a full-fledged Windows 8 system, but you miss the fact that it is incompatible with older software Windows "legacy," said Stice.
CEO Jen-Hsun Huang of NVIDIA, whose arm powers smart Microsoft Surface RT tablet, said in no uncertain terms last month that Outlook is necessary for the success of RT. "Perspectives god, please," said Huang at the time, pleading for Microsoft Outlook add.
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