iMac launch admits Apple's CEO

conference call for the second quarter of t Apple Tuesday, Cook acknowledged that customers had to wait too long for their iMacs after the new models were announced last October.
"If we could run more, frankly, I would have announced the iMac after the end of the year," said Cook. "Because we felt our customers have to wait too long for this specific product."
After the announcement of two new iMacs, the 21.5-inch model has fi
nally become available on November 30 with a ship time of one to three working days. The same day his 27-inch cousin was hit by a time of initial ship two to three weeks, an estimate is increased to three to four weeks after only a few hours.
The 27-inch model has continued to suffer delays in 2013, while the 21.5-inch iMac also finally been hampered by a waiting period as long as three weeks. Supply constraints probably hurt Mac sales in December, according to Needham analyst Charlie Wolf, who noted that Mac shipments fell 22 percent in the last month of 2012. Supply has not begun to catch up with demand until early March.
Last October, Cook had even warned that shipments of the iMac would be "limited" in 2012, leading to a "lack of signficant."
Apple faced a similar shortage last year with the iPad Mini, but was able to push the tablet in time for the holidays.
"When the iPad Mini was in shortage in the quarter, during the December quarter, I would not have done it differently, because we were able to get the iPad Mini to millions of customers really wanted it for their holidays, "cook added.
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