Galaxy S4 sign-up on New Verizon's

Samsung Galaxy S4 page Verizon is finally live, giving largest mobile operator in America a way for people to get in line with what was new most anticipated phone of the year so far.
Earlier in the week, Verizon Wireless tweeted that GS4 would hit its 4G LTE network in May and promised that more details will be coming soon.
The registration page went live this week on the website of Verizon Wireless does not provide these details, it's just a place to enter your e-mail and thus consent to be spammed by the carrier in respect of all things Samsung.
Being the big dog on the block Wireless, Verizon apparently does not feel the need to be first with what should be a fairly new hot phone. Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile have the Galaxy S4 in stores later this month, and AT & T has already taken pre-orders for a few days now.
No word yet on pricing Verizon either, but it is likely to be in the range offered by its competitors, including a promotion of $ 149 for some new Sprint customers who bring their old phone number to the carrier on up to full retail price of $ 639.
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