Google releases Mirror Glass developers

As Google Glass Explorer Edition starts rolling on the assembly line, the Web giant has released a documentation Mirror API, developers will use programming interfaces to create services for eye wear high technology.
Although Google glass was already demonstrated during the SXSW conference, the new documentation goes into much more depth to write what Google calls "glassware", including quick start guides for Java and Python developer guides, and best practices contours.
"Today we leave the API documentation and a lot of example code, so even if the API is limited developer version, you can begin to dream with us," Google Developer Programs engineer Jenny Murphy today in a Google+ post.
The developer's guide describes some key features of the cloud API, including card management calendar, menu items, content sharing, notification subscriptions, and observing the scene of the chronology of users. It also has a play area - a set of tools that allows developers to experiment with how the content is displayed in glass.
The developer preview emerges on the same day that Google has begun to inform everyone on the list of explorers glass that some portable devices $ 1.500 had come out of the production line. Google has also provided the first look at the specifications behind the high-tech goggles, which will sport a camera can capture 5 megapixel images and videos in 720p resolution.
To learn more about the developer released version today, watch the video below, one of many included in the documentation:
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