Microsoft prepares a smartwatch of its own

Microsoft is exploring the idea of ​​joining what promises to be a crowded market SmartWatch.
The tech titan has asked suppliers in Asia to ship the components of a monitoring device touch potential suppliers leaders told the Wall Street Journal. An officer told the Journal he had met at the Microsoft research and development team in Redmond, Washington, but it is unclear whether Microsoft will commit to produce such a device.
CNET has contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this report when we learn more.
Microsoft has dabbled in the area before the marketing devices running once boasted its Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT). After paying a lot of money and effort in partnership with watchmakers as Fossil, Suunto, Swatch and high-end touchscreen models that cost as much as $ 800, Microsoft pulled the pin on the project 2008.
If Microsoft chooses to market a SmartWatch, he joins a pack of technological leaders would seek to produce technology on the wrist. The New York Times reported earlier this year that Apple is experimenting with wristwatch as iOS devices that have curved glass and Bloomberg reported that the company has about 100 people working on a project SmartWatch. Apple board member Bill Campbell recently gave more weight to these reports discussi
ng the value of "intimate" devices such as cell phones and Google Goggles.
A Samsung executive told Bloomberg last month that the electronics giant has been working on portable devices like smartwatches and "was the preparation of the product shows for so long." Meanwhile, a patent application from Google, which already takes the spotlight for portable devices with its glass Google shows a watch with a clear touch screen that flips up from the base of the clock to serve as a secondary display.
Whatever these companies decide it is likely going to have to make a significant advance on what is available on the market today to attract consumers money.
Smartwatches many bands of fitness, or some combination of the two were talking earlier this year at the Salon of consumer electronics. Some of these devices include wristwatch Pebble awaited, which debuted at the conference, and Watch 007-inspired Passport Mars.
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