HTC One launch 98 per cent profit

The HTC One launched too late to save the results of the first quarter of the Taiwanese company, with net income tumbling to NT $ 85 million ($ 2.85 million) from NT $ 4.5 billion ($ 152 million) a year earlier, a decrease of 98 percent. It is lowest quarterly benefit of society since 2004. Revenue also dipped, NT $ 42.8 billion ($ 1.45 billion) to NT $ 67.8 billion ($ 2.3 billion), the company
confirmed today audited earnings call.
The company did not disclose how many units of the HTC One has so far sold, but said he expected revenue to jump in the second quarter to NT $ 70 billion ($ 2.4 billion).
"Last year we thought we needed to inject some new sensations in products from HTC, and there was an opportunity for us ... because everyone looks the same, "said HTC CEO Peter Chou to call." I think we have successfully launched the HTC One. We believe that people are really get our concept.
"Our goal is really to develop the HTC brand as a first smartphones brand and an excellent trustworthy. This kind of brand awareness and preference is so important for us, because different vendors come from all over and there is no difference, "said Chou, referring to the plethora of Android phones available.
CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets analyst CK Cheng believes that HTC Ones sold 750,000 in April, reports Barrons, and will be delivered in the second quarter 3.5 million in total. It will sell as much as 10 million by the end of 2013, Cheng says. That compares with a forecast of 60 million units of Samsung Galaxy S4.
In January Chou said he believed the "worst HTC probably spent," a feeling supported by the shares rising steadily since the announcement of the HTC One.
Analysts, including HSBC and Daiwa last week updated their assessments of the Taiwanese company, citing strong opinions One.
The phone has recently received a "Editors Choice with Brian Bennett praising his" superb metalwork design, powerful quad-core processor, 1080p and beautiful 4.7-inch screen. "
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