Samsung G S4 earns Pentagon security

Samsung is now clear to begin pitching its new flagship phone for the government.
The handset maker said Friday that its Knox-enabled mobile devices have been approved by the Pentagon for government use. Knox Software Samsung offers high-level encryption, VPN function, and a way to separate personal data from job data. The software also allows IT administrators to manage a mobile device with specific policies.
For now, the Galaxy S4 is the only Samsung device with Knox. But the company promises that other smartphones and tablets will receive the security software.
Thumb up the Pentagon means that Knox S4 and future devices can be used by the U.S. government and military services that tap into the Department of Defense networks. Access to these networks requires high safety standards, and S4 is the first Android phone to meet, according to Samsung.
The new security clearance also opens certain types of companies as potential new customers for Samsung.
"We are very pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Defense has approved Samsung compatible devices Knox for use in DoD networks," Samsung Mobile
President JK Shin said in a statement. "This approval allows other government agencies and regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services to adopt Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets. This is an important step for Samsung as we work to develop our relations in government and big business of the company. "
On Thursday, the Pentagon gave the same approval to BlackBerry devices with BlackBerry 10 operating system, which results in the Q10 and Z10 smartphones and tablet Playbook.
In the past, the BlackBerry is the supplier of choice for business and government largely because of the high level security on its devices. But Apple and Android have begun to carve out a piece of this lucrative market. Samsung in particular is designed to interfere with the territory of BlackBerry with the help of his Knox software.
Part of the Samsung Enterprise initiative (SAFE), Knox is integrated into the operating system and covers all major security holes in Android, the company said. The ability to Knox to keep personal data and independent business is a similar function called BlackBerry Balance BB10.
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