Facebook lead to psychosis

Sometimes normal human clinical terms to get a taste and take.
You go on a date, and when your friends ask how it happened replying ". Oh, she's psychotic "Or maybe," It is an illusion. "
The justifications for these adjectives are used could be simple.  
In the first case, the lady had asked, as the main course plates were cleared, when man thought the relationship was going. It was after describing the details of his previous 17 relations.
In the latter case, the man had spoken of himself throughout the meal and offered mathematical details about his physical and mental prowess.
However, when these words are used in a clinical setting, they have more precise definitions.
That's why I was moved to the contemplation of new research from Israel hearing. He said that Facebook and similar can move vulnerable people (which could mean anyone) in the direction of psychosis and delusion.
Dr. Uri Nitzan of the Sackler Faculty of the University of Tel Aviv Medical Center and mental health Shalvata decided with colleagues, looking at his own patients as part of their online relationships.
He wonders if psychopathology may be related to activities on Facebook and in chat rooms.
As reported by the Daily Mail, the researchers found that patients - all of whom were experiencing "loneliness or vulnerability due to the loss or separation of a loved one" - suffered other negative effects they more " socialized "line.
The Mail quoted Dr Nitzan as saying: "In each case, a link was found between the progressive development and exacerbation of psychotic symptoms, including delusions, anxiety, confusion, and increased use of computer communications . "(At the get-go, the patients in the study had all" relative inexperience with technology. ")
One patient even came to believe that the person she was in contact with online was constantly trying to touch physically.
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