YouTube paid channel subscriptions

YouTube may have run its paid subscription service for some of its specialized video channels this week.
The à la carte service, which could mean up to 50 video channels, allow subscriptions to a single channel for as little as $ 1.99 per month, people familiar with the plan told the Financial Times. YouTube has confirmed in February that it was developing such a service, but did not say when it would be ready for subscribers.
A platform for paid content could give the video site owned by Google another source of income while allowing channel operators to finance the production of different content, such as television and movies, said a source.
YouTube declined to comment on a target launch date for the service, reiterating previous statements on the subject that he had "nothing to announce," but that "studying the creation of a platform that could warrant bring more great content to YouTube for our users to enjoy and provide our designers with another vehicle to generate revenue from their content, beyond the rental models and funded by advertising that we offer. "
YouTube has approached a handful of producers in developing content for a platform that could pass the video sharing site hoped to launch this year, according to a report in January saying. YouTube was also mulling a plan to charge other items, such as whole libraries of videos, live events, and even self-help or financial advice shows, saying reported.
Shortly after this report, two lines of code appeared in YouTube for Android those referred to subscriptions paid channels. The code apparently intended to generate messages on the screens of users, for example: "You can not subscribe to this premium channel on your computer" and "You can not unsubscribe from this premium channel on your computer."
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