Microsoft adapts YouTube app for Windows Phone 8

The appearance of a new application suggest that Microsoft and Google have
made progress toward resolving their dispute over YouTube.
The software giant announced Tuesday that it has released a revamped Windows Phone 8 to make the most of the features of the mobile operating system YouTube application. While the previous iteration of the application was rather bland - a situation blamed on Microsoft compatibility issues Google - the new application has been "redesigned" to enjoy the presentation of live tiles of the platform .
Microsoft said that Google, which bought YouTube in 2006, had blocked access to Windows Phone 8 metadata YouTube that allows you to search by video categories, favorites, notes, and other features, while allowing access for Android and iOS devices.
If this impasse has indeed been deleted, it is not surprising that the new app packs a tidal wave of new features, including the ability to pin specific videos, playlists, channels and search queries start as Live Tiles for quick access. Function extends Kids Corner, which allows parents to limit children's access to content.
The new version allows users to manage their YouTube profile, as well as playlists, uploads and video lists. It also allows users to Windows Phone 8 to share discoveries on social networks, e-mails and text messages.
Microsoft also announced that Windows Phone 7.x with improved is being developed and will be published shortly features.
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