Apple's first 2013 earnings to be closely watched

Apple announces its first quarter results this week, and the results could not be more closely monitored for signs of health of the company and its future.

The story is well known by now. On Apple shares were down from $ 702 at the end of September to the end of a week last even $ 500. This is a decrease of 28.4 per cent in just over four months. Positive results - and a look ahead when Apple makes its numbers Wednesday - could reverse this trend.

Apple provides $ 52 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $ 11.75 when it introduced its previous quarterly results in October. Wall Street expects the group at the beginning and $ 54.69 billion and earnings per share of $ 13.41 based on a survey of 47 analysts conducted by Thomson First Call.

These estimates are purged of $ 13.87 per share analysts expected ahead of forecasts in the previous quarter, a gap that has raised concerns that Apple's growth was down. During a conference call with analysts, Apple has blamed on tighter margins in the creation of new products, including the iPad Mini, which starts at $ 329 and is now estimated at around $ 198 in parts and labor, according to IHS iSuppli.

Make things a bit more complex, is that Apple has completed its calendar year with a bang, almost refreshing its entire range of computers and installing new versions of the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Is expected to make this quarter - which has always been strong due to holiday sales - a big lie. But it is also raised concerns about the company's performance during the rest of the year, given the long history of product launches are staggered.

By the numbers
Product-wise, the story remains focused on the Apple iPhone, the company pilot mega profit. Analysts have long been concerned that the average selling price of the device, which was one of the highest in the company, is set to drop dramatically in the smartphone market continues to mature. This issue was compounded with the makeup people buy iPhones, with many customers choose to buy the model from last year or the previous year, which Apple sells at a lower price and profit margin.

Wall Street expects Apple to announce iPhone sales between 43 million and 53 million. This is from the 37.04 million iPhones sold it the same quarter of the previous year, and 26.9 million in the previous quarter. In fact, it would be most iPhones sold during a quarter since the iPad release.For Apple product, which the company refreshed in late October, Wall Street expected between 23 million and 25 million units. This, too, is up from 14 million the previous quarter and 15.43 million for the same quarter last year. It would also charge Apple previous record sales of 17 million iPads in its quarter in June last year.

One area to watch is the Mac Wednesday. Why is this? Some analysts expect slippage year sales decline, despite last year's product refreshes that might indicate stronger numbers. This is not necessarily the case, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said in a note to investors last week.

"The third quarter December 2012 to face a tough comparison from the 2011 quarter of 2011 had an extra week," Munster wrote. "Accordingly, we remain comfortable with our down 7 percent from an estimate of the year, which means 4.8 million Macs. "

According to some estimates, others expect Apple to beat last 5.2 years, of which $ Gabelli & Co., who believes Apple sold 5.3 million computers, which would be a record figure of all time business.

This kind of performance is particularly impressive given two things: one is that the Apple iMac did not start sending until the end of November and the end of December for the largest model. The other is possible cannibalization growing range of Apple tablet, which has doubled down with the Mini iPad in the quarter.

"We have learned over the years not to worry about cannibalizing our own product," Apple CEO Tim Cook said about this whole phenomenon in the last quarter earnings call with analysts. "C ' is much better for us to do that for someone else to do it. "

Apple will report immediately after the close of market on Wednesday, followed by a conference call with leaders at 2 pm PT....
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