Despite declining demand, the rules on Nintendo Wii U price drop

The problems of Wii U attract players will not be solved by a reduction in price, Nintendo, Satoru Iwata says the chef.

Speaking to reporters in Tokyo yesterday, Iwata acknowledged that sales of Wii U disappointed last year, but he did not necessarily feel that lowering the price of the base assembly 350 or $ 300 Deluxe Set would do much good of society.

"We already offer a good price," Iwata said, according to the Associated Press, who was at the conference as a journalist.

Nintendo announced today its results for the nine months ended December 31. Although he was able to turn a small profit, turnover of the company was down 2.4 percent. The Wii U, which should significantly increase revenues Nintendo during the period, was able to mobilize 3 million units sold. Publication of results did not directly discuss Wii U demand, but Nintendo has stated that some new games for the console, as Mario Kart and Zelda, should "help regain momentum for Nintendo Wii U." In discussion with reporters, Iwata said that the Wii U needs more games to boost sales of the console, and so far, this issue "has not been resolved."

"I feel a deep sense of responsibility for not being able to produce results for our business year-end," said Iwata.

The performance of the Wii U was more than a little disconcerting. Although the Wii sales over the same point in its life cycle were only 3.2 million units, they would have been much higher if it is in case of failure to respond to Nintendo massive demand. For years after the launch of the Wii, the device was difficult to find on store shelves and consumers lined up every week in the hope of scoring one of the few units available at their local retailer.

The situation of the Wii U is very different. Nintendo console is easy to find on store shelves. The problem is that the demand for the console - in particular the United States - is low.

Nintendo treat a similar problem when it launched its 3DS in 2011. However, the company was able to stimulate demand and increase sales with lower prices. It seems that, for now, Nintendo will not follow this plan with the Wii U.

However, the Nintendo console is not cheap compared to other materials, it has launched. The Wii, for example, launched at a price of $ 249.99 - $ 50 less than the cheapest option Wii U. Another popular launch Nintendo, Nintendo 64, was available at a price of $ 199.99.

Iwata's argument was reinforced by the developer and the famous creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto. Speaking to reporters, Miyamoto said that the Wii U will be fostered demand once people try and "see it's fun."
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